An Equipment Profile geared to professional results

Perth Mobile Welding & Fitting capabilities are evident by our equipment profile and fully equipped Austral metal workshop.


  • MIG:  . 6mm to 2.4 wire: ( truck)
  • STICK: capacity: 500 amps (truck)
  • 200 amp Double Pulse MIG welder with  push / pull gun for aluminium  (truck)
  • 200 amp AC/DC  Pulse TIG welder (truck)
  • 500 amp DC Stick welder: (truck)


  • Plasma cutter (truck)
  • Oxy-Acetylene cutting (truck)
  • Oxy Quick cutter (truck)
  • Air Arc gouging (truck)


  • Air tools, power tools, hand tools (truck)
  • Large 60 cfm air compressor  (truck)
  • Hydraulic Porta Power (truck)
  • Chain Lever blocks ( truck)
  • Large plant trailer: pick up / delivery

Within the parameters of our equipment we can repair,set up and fabricate or customise most metal jobs.

A fully equipped mobile workshop

Perth Mobile Welding & Fitting has the skill set and equipment profile to confidently tackle almost any job in metal and give you the results you want.